Thursday, May 20, 2010


I consider myself a cologne connoisseur; I wear different colognes for different seasons: citrus-tinted ones in warmer months, spice-tinted ones for cooler months; my cologne choice also depends on the time: more noticeable ones for the daytime, more subtle ones for the nighttime.

My first cologne was Curve, which I started wearing in grade seven. I continued wearing that cologne until my sophomore year in high school, when I took a brief hiatus from it and wore a sandalwood-based cologne marketed by Hollister, a clothing company I frequented at the time. I continued wearing that cologne for several months, but I eventually migrated to a Black, a more subtle and cinnamon-tinged cologne. I've continued wearing that cologne through high school, and my sparing use of it [don't overuse a good cologne] allowed one bottle to last several years; during that time, I returned to using Curve, and also began using Polo Blue, though I reserved the latter for the winter months. Since graduating high school, I've used umpteen other colognes [I've forgotten most names, unfortunately], and I've begun experimenting with mixing different colognes. In short, I consider myself a cologne connoisseur. And this bring me back to my point: don't wear Axe.

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  1. You mean that you won't get girls if you wear Axe? Gasp! ;-)