Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wild America:

So, it's come to this: Discovery is buying Sarah Palin's new "reality show" for upwards of one million dollars per episode*; Sarah Palin's Alaska, shot in the style of the wonderful Planet Earth , will take viewers on a tour of the state's natural beauty.

I have nothing against Alaska, the environment; I have an issue with a Palin-ized Alaska. I still cannot understand this ignorant bitch's cultural longevity. I mean, I understand tolerating her as intellectual shtick, but too many people [read as, more than none] view her as a legitimate, intelligent, "common sense-y" conservative; giving her another outlet [one outside the isolated reality of the Fox Network] only legitimizes her idiocy, and allows her to further polymerize herself with our culture.

And, as if legitimizing idiocy weren't enough, this new "reality show" will undoubtedly debut Sarah Palin, The Narrator; program narration quality is already in decline, and her adenoidal bleating will be another nail in narration's coffin. I'm not unreasonable: I know Attenborough can't narrate every program. And, public figures have turned in successful narrations: Sigourney Weaver [needlessly] narrated the stateside release of the aforementioned Planet Earth, and Oprah Winfrey narrates Discovery's current Life; but do we really need Sarah "I Can See Russia From My House" Palin narrating anything?

*I'm sure that paycheck will be philanthropically recycled.